Slot game designers often take players into original universes, challenging them to find the most efficient way to win big.

Bratva, a video slot game by Unicum, will transport you into the Russian Mafia’s underground world. Bratva is a video slot game created by Unicum that will take you to the undercover work of the Russian Mafia.

Our complete review will help you to discover Bratva and how to get the most out of it.

Be the boss of the Underground.

Bratva, one of the original slot games available today, reflects its originality in both the graphic and audio environment.

The overall game screen has a dark, mysterious feel. The reels will take up most of the screen. The mafia headquarters is lavishly decorated with red velvet and gold.

Bratva is a game that will catch your eye because of its originality and good graphics. Let’s take a closer look at the gameplay in the following section.

Click the Buttons to Spin the Reels

Bratva returns to classic rules in terms of gameplay. The command buttons under the reels must be clear enough for all players to understand the basic rules.

The game matrix has five reels with 21 paylines. Cash prizes are awarded when winning symbols appear on a payline. Using the command bar, you can choose the number of credits to bet (up to 10) on the next pin. You can also change the credit value and activated paylines. Check these options out before spinning the reels.

Remember that the rewards are calculated in slot games based on your initial bet and the symbols displayed. Use the button to bet the maximum on your next turn and go for the jackpot. The auto spin mode lets the reels run for a while and place your bets repeatedly. You can adjust your surroundings as you please and step into Bratva’s world if you dare. You might even hit the jackpot.

Find your place among the mob.

Bratva’s paytable is full of highly detailed symbols that relate to the original universe of the video game.

You will find many on the reels regarding symbols and handcuffs. The most common signs are those that you will see on the reels. This means your payouts with these combinations will be the lowest.

Bratva’s reels have more challenging-to-find symbols, like police officers, gangsters, and police cars. You can therefore expect bigger payouts when you play them. Remember that the value of these bonuses depends mainly on your bet.

There are still more ways to win big.

Bratva features three special symbols which behave differently and produce some special effects. The Joker is a wild character that can replace any of the signs above. You will have more chances of completing an additional winning combination.

This scatter symbol does not need to be arranged in a line to be valid. You will receive a big surprise win if you get 4 or 5 anywhere on the screen. This is also based on your total bet.

The gangsters or thieves can also be used as bonus symbols to unlock bonus games. In the gangster bonus, you must guess which of the boxes contains the money. In the thief bonus game, you can choose a city location to break into. You must know that a single choice will end the game and trigger an alarm.

The Other Side of Law

Bratva, an original online slot game, will transport players to the world of the Russian Mafia. You will be amazed at the game’s versatility when you explore the Underground.

If you want to play even further, keep your eyes peeled for the gangsters and thieves’ symbols.

Bazar Slots

Bazar, a Russian-themed slot from Unicum, is a fascinating game. The slot machine is set in a Russian market. It features all the foods for sale, gold-effect watches, radios, and angry customers. The Russian-sounding music and sound effects transport the players to the busy market.

The buzzing bazaar offers players 21 paylines, scatters, wild symbols, a gamble game, and bonus rounds.

Haggling on the Market

You can select to play one, five, nine, or twenty paylines, depending on the amount you wish to wager per spin. Click the “gamble bet” button to change your bet from EUR1 to EUR100 for each line. This gives you a maximum chance of EUR 2100. The wide range of betting options means most players can play, but the minimum bet might be too high for the low rollers.

You can also play automatically with the ‘autostart’ button. You can play your spins until you stop them by pressing the button again. You can also choose max bet’ to wager the maximum amount of money without going through all the coin sizes.

Bazar has excellent graphics depicting various market products, traders, and customers. Many symbols include tomatoes, lamb legs, old boots, and gold watches. There is also an angry customer, bottles of alcohol, a measuring scale, and an angry customer.

The background music is Russian-style and dramatic, and the symbols have fun animations and sound effects when they appear on a winning line.

Payments by the traders

Enjoy some of the highest payouts when you play this fun slot machine. The market trader is the highest-paying symbol. This icon can award up to 1,000,000 coins for matching five symbols when playing the maximum bet. The second best symbol is the scales, which can award up to 50,000 cash for matching five characters when playing the maximum bet.

The radio cassette player and the alcohol bottle award up to 40,000 coins for five symbols when max bet. The boots and the purse both pay up to 30,000 for five symbols. The salami and leg of lamb each pay up to 20,000 for five symbols. Watermelons pay up to 15,000, and tomatoes up to 10,000 for five characters.

Select Your Gold Watch and Purse

You can gamble your winnings every time you make a winning combination in Bazar. You can choose which purse you want to open and receive gold coins, which will double your cash, or blue coins that will make your spin lose money.

You can also increase your money by playing the bonus game if you get multiple traders on the same reel. You are then transported to the market stall, where you can choose from various activities to earn rewards. For example, you can weigh fruits or purchase a gold timepiece. You can get a multiplier if you select the best items.

Bizarre fun in the Russian Bazaar

Bazar is a quirky, cartoon-style game that has a strong theme. Market traders, angry clients, and shady products all spin on the screen, bringing the market into the players’ homes!

It is easier for international players to learn how to play the game if they speak Russian. They will have to jump in and start playing to get the details.

The bonus games are also fun! These games, which include the fruit seller and the watch dealer, give you a glimpse into the market and the opportunity to increase your bankroll.

This game is a great way to stimulate the senses and offers many ways to win. However, players may be encouraged to spin the reels once the English version is available.